Environmental Science Club



The Environmental Science Club at Georgia College & State University is a registered traditional student organization.  The purpose of the club is to educate students, staff, and faculty on environmental issues, improve environmental practices on campus and in the community, and sponsor environmental affairs and events.


To join the club, sign up on OrgSync, come to a meeting, or contact one of the officers below.  Dues are $20 per school year, or $12 per semester. 


Please 'like'our Facebook Page, and 'follow' our Twitter Feed to stay current with club activities.  To get in touch with us, just sign up for our email distribution list, enviro@list.gcsu.edu, from the list subscriber page in Unify.gcsu.edu, or send us an email at gcenviroclub@gmail.com.

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Club Meetings are every Monday at 8:00pm, in Arts & Sciences 272.   The Club also gets together at other times for for work group meetings.




President: Justina Everhart
Vice President: Paul Murray
Chief of Action: John Randle
Chief of Education: Liz Rary
Secretary: Claire Turner
Treasurer: Seth Whitehouse
Philanthropy Chair: Annamarie Dwozan
PR & Marketing Chair: Sara Loaiza
Gardening Liason: Lena White
Sustainability Council Chair: Zoe Scott
Student Green Fee Chair: Lindsay Crowe


Movie Night

Once a month we gather to watch an environmentally themed movie.  Join our OrgSync or Facebook pages for more information!


Work Groups

We have two work groups involved in a variety of activities.   


    Action Work Group     Education Work Group
  • Campus Education activities, including EarthFest!

  • Field Trips to significant sites with professionals

  • Invited Speakers to meetings and university forums

  • Real Food Challenge


Special Events


Adopt-A-Stream Testing

In support of Georgia's Adopt-A-Stream program, we have adopted Fishing Creek and perform monthly testing.  Each month (first Friday at 3pm) we collect bacterial and chemical data; every three months we collect biological data as well.  Please direct your questions to our AAS coordinator.  


Power RidePower Ride

Once each month, the club sponsors a Power Ride, where we gather on bicycles and ride legally through the streets of Milledgeville to show our support for alternative travel and healthy commuting. 



EarthFest 2010


EarthFest 2014

EarthFest is a celebration of Planet Earth, complete with games, music, speakers, and activities for all ages.  It is a highlight of Georgia College EarthWeek.  This year, EarthFest is on Friday, 18 April 2014.  Check out all our exciting activities!!


Recyclemania!  Recyclemania!

The Environmental Science Club is participating in this year's Recyclemania, a nation-wide recycling contest between universities.  We're going up against some stiff competition, so we need your help!!